In the hope of maintaining our Iraqi musical folklore which is represented by Iraqi Maqam, this style which I have learned and inherited from greatest teachers Munir Bashir, Shaubi Ibrahim, Yousif Omar. with whom I had worked for a period regarded as the richest period of my artistic career. In addition, work with the Iraqi Musical Heritage Group, which had been founded by the greatest artist Munir Bashir, made me aware of the importance of continuing and spreading this folklore throughout the world since, this folklore represents the most tremendous and ancient humanitarian civilization & that is the civilization of Mesopotamia. Regretfully, this choir mentioned above had disappeared so I worked hard to found The Iraqi Maqam Ensemble with a group of the best & most experienced artists together with the greatest female voice who uniquely performs this style, Mrs Farida Mohammad Ali, so that the lady of Iraqi Maqam together with The Iraqi Maqam Ensemble are the voice of Mesopotamia to the world .

Mohammad H. Gomar


Farida and the Iraqi Maqam Ensamble in the Queen Beatrix Palace 2004 Den Haag - The Netherlands



The Iraqi Maqam Ensemble was founded in 1989 in Baghdad By Mohammad H.Gomar to continuation of The Iraqi Musical Heritage Group which was initiated in 1973 by the prominent Lute professor Munir Bashir.

The group of Maqam has met its objective to revive the Iraqi Maqam and other kinds of Iraqi musical heritage and spread it via Arabic and international festivals the voice of Farida Mohammad Ali, the maqam singer

The ensemble members had all finished their studies in the Musical Institute & Academy of Fine Arts in Iraq.

The group is considered to be one the most important in Iraq in reviving the Iraqi Maqam. It has participated in a large number of music festivals and was considered to be one of the best 14 groups in the world by the jury of the festival WOMEX2001 which took place in Rotterdam in Holland. Rotterdam was chosen as the cultural capital of Europe for the year 2001. The name of the group of Iraqi Maqam figures in the book of the festival in page 103 and in page 150.


2003 Farida; The First Pioneer of 20st Century Iraqi Maqam: Iraqi Ministry of Culture, the Institute of Musical Studies, and the Iraqi Maqam House have chosen Mrs. Farida Mohammed Ali as the holder of the foremost position of the traditional Iraqi Maqam in the 20st Century.
2007 Obtained Medal Algeria Capital of Arab Culture 2007 / Algeria.
2007 Obtained Meda International Mystic Music Sufi Festival -Karachi / Pakistan.
2006 Obtained Medal 1st Forum International “ Expessions Artistiqes & Soufisme “ Mostaganem / Algeria.
2005 Farida Obtained Al Ankaa Medal and also she Obtained Medal Al-Gubbanchi First International Festival/ Kurdstan / Iraq. 


Ten CD's of Farida were produced

2009 "The Maqams and Songs of Nostalgic " Produced by Iraqi Maqam Foundation

2008 “ Sun Of Iraq ” Produced by BlueKap in Holland .

2007 “Jozza on Jazz“ Mohammad Gomar “ Produced by BlueKap in Holland.

2005 " Ishraqaat" Produced by SNAIL RECORDS in Holland.

2004 " Baghdad Eternity Poems & Maqamat" Produced by Iraqi Maqam Foundation

2003 " voice of Mesopotamia " Produced by Long Distance in France

2002 " Tradition " Produced by Munir Bashir. Foundation .

2001 " Departure" Produced by Soly Luna

2000 " Iraqi Mawal & Maqams

1998 " Classical music form Iraq " Both were produced by Samarkand company in Holland.

Considered the Seventh CD "Ishraqaat" to be one the best ten CDs in the
world for the year 2007.

In 2007 she Obtained Medal Algeria Capital of Arab Culture 2007 / Algeria.
In 2007 she Obtained Meda International Mystic Music Sufi Festival -Karachi / Pakistan.

Considered the second CD to be one the best ten CDs in the world for the year 2000. The magazine selected one of the songs of the CD and reproduced it in its World Music CD. Since 1997 the group is settled in Holland. With the help of artistic and cultural institutions in Holland Mohammed H.Gomar created in 2000 the Foundation of Iraqi Maqam who's objective is to document and spread and teach the Iraqi music which is the Iraqi maqam, in Europe and in the world.


Farida Maqam Ensamble in the Opera house Nijmegen - The Netherlands 2005



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